Check Out These 2023 Interior Design Trends

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According to House Grail, interior painting was a top home improvement project in 2021. With so many families looking to refresh their homes every year to keep up with the latest trends, house painters are definitely keeping busy! If it’s time for you to give your home a refresh, keep reading to check out these 2023 interior design trends.

Natural Wood Tone

It goes without saying that wood is a timeless material that’s used in many ways in a home, from furniture to decor. This year, wood tones have made their way onto walls as well! Brown is a very trendy color, from red-hued mahogany to a more natural bark color, you can expect to see living rooms and bedrooms take on these earthy colors in 2023.

Dark, Cozy Spaces

Are you one of those people that dreams of a reading nook? You’re in luck, as your favorite design element is gaining popularity, as dark and cozy spaces are included in larger rooms. We love the idea of painting one corner of an open-plan room a deep eggplant or navy and filling it with floor pillows and stacks of books. This type of space appeals to both readers and non-readers alike. Imagine yourself on a rainy day all snuggled up and comfy, enjoying a cup of tea and a book. Bonus points for adding a fireplace!

Textured Fabrics

As you’ve read above, the overall vibe for this year is nesting and creating a sanctuary-like feeling in the home. Pops of dark colors are offset by light, natural wood accessories, and textured fabrics add to the indulgent feeling of comfort. Moiré silk is rising in popularity, as evidenced by its return to fashion runways. Textured fabrics and layering are moving into the chicest homes around. Layering area rugs of different patterns and fabrics are another popular way to add some depth and texture to a room. To compliment your new decor, choose muted colors for your walls, such as creamy neutrals or pale grays.

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