6 Signs That It’s Time to Repaint Your Business

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Finding a good commercial painting contractor should be easy as, according to IBIS World, there are 248,376 different companies in the United States. But how do you know if it’s truly time to upgrade your business’ paint? Here are six situations where you need to call the best painter in your area.

1. You Haven’t Painted Your Business in Several Years

According to our internal research, you typically need to paint your business at least once every three to five years to keep the paint strong. New paint helps a business stand out and minimizes any vibrancy lost by sun fading. It also helps to attract more customers to your business, which in turn makes you more successful.

2. The Color Is Fading

Over the years, sunlight will fade your business’ exterior and make it less attractive. Rain, snow, and wind can also affect your facility. As a result, you should get a new paint job if your building looks faded and needs the sharp look you expect.

3. There’s Paint Damage

When looking at your business building, you shouldn’t see any paint flakes or damage. If you do, it’s time to call a painting professional right away. Working with a high-quality painting contractor can help to fix this damage and give your facility the look that it deserves.

4. Cleaning Does Little To Improve Your Building

Do you notice that your building looks about the same after you clean it as it did before? There’s a good chance that fading paint contributes to its unattractive style. Getting an all-new paint coat for your facility can give it a beautiful look that you want to make it stand out from others.

5. You’re Rebranding Your Business

A good rebranding is like a new paint coat: it can give your business a new lease on life. As a result, you need to call a painting professional when updating your brand. This process can include repainting your facility or updating your logo to make it more eye-catching.

6. People Are Talking

Have you heard more than one of your customers talking negatively about your facility? It might be time to get it repainted. Your reputation rests in what your customers think of you. If they’re talking about a poor paint job, it’s not long before they insult your services.

If your facility falls under any of these headings and needs help, contact our painting contractor team at Top Tier Painting, Inc. Our professionals can help you understand your options for design. Then, they’ll provide high-quality paint to ensure your business looks as good as possible. We look forward to working with you!