Bathroom Renovation Trends to Increase Resale Value

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There are many ways that interior painting services can help increase the resale value of your home. If you’re planning to list your house in the near future, a bathroom renovation is one sure way to get the best price for the sale. There are many current trends to consider when making your bathroom renovation plans. According to Better Home & Gardens, updating your bathroom decor to include certain shades of brown paint could help you realize an increased sale value of as much as $1,624. Now’s an ideal time to learn more about the many effective ways that interior painting can improve your home. Here are a few ways to give your bathroom a boost.

Coordinating Paint to Tie Everything Together

New paint can transform your bathroom. If you’ve recently replaced the tile or marble in your bathroom, you’re already in a good spot. When you add a trendy paint color to complement your tile or marble, your bathroom will be even more attractive. Your realtor can help you gauge the current trends in your area so that you’re able to move beyond neutrals. Brown shades are having a moment, and green is always a popular and well-received choice for bathroom paint. Depending on your area and the style of your home, a trendy shade of paint in your bathroom can work very well.

If you live in a traditional area or have a contemporary style of home or interior design, you can’t go wrong with bright white as a paint color in your bathroom. This choice will give your bathroom a crisp, clean look that’s attractive to potential buyers. It’ll also allow you to keep any linens, towels, and soft items. Preparing your home for sale can be a major undertaking, and the more efficient you can make the process, the better. Look for ways to improve your bathroom without having to replace everything.

The Right Colors to Brighten Your Bathroom

If you want your renovation to include current trends, look to add a paint color that creates brightness without being overwhelming. Following this trend will give your bathroom a soft and inviting look. You’ll want to coordinate the soothing color palette with the overall decor. There is a movement toward creating a sanctuary-like feeling in home bathrooms. If you want to embrace this trend, paint colors should be one of your main considerations. With the right paint color, your bathroom can go from a stark utilitarian room to one that’s a refuge and calming oasis.

Your remodeling contractor can work with you to help you select the right paint colors and textures. Plus, don’t forget the importance of accent painting for your bathroom. Subdued lighting choices will become a lot less effective when they’re paired with the wrong shade of paint. Design sites are a wonderful resource when it comes to pulling lighting and color choices together. And, working with a professional painter is also helpful. They can suggest a variety of combinations, with one that’s sure to suit your tastes and renovation budget. Don’t underestimate the transformative power of the right interior painting choices.

Trendy Colors for Contemporary Bathrooms

If it’s been a while since you’ve undergone a bathroom renovation, you might not be too familiar with how strongly color trends are affecting interior painting choices. Contemporary homes tend to have sleeker, more streamlined bathrooms that can sometimes feel a bit sparse. Trendy colors for contemporary bathrooms are an ideal option for homeowners who want modern bathrooms that still feel warm and inviting. If you live in an upscale area, having a modern bathroom with a trendy paint color is almost a necessity for a successful sale. Your interior painting specialist can provide you with a number of different options to modernize your bathroom and use color to prevent it from feeling cold and sterile.

The choice of color for your modern bathroom should take other features into account If you want a frosted glass wall for privacy, be sure that the paint you choose fits well with frosted glass. A bright and crisp color can help even the smallest bathroom appear spacious. This is also a wonderful option for bathrooms with little or no natural light. Check out a few design sites to get a better idea of the possibilities and then discuss your favorite options with your painter to determine which is best for the space and the overall design of your home. With this update in place, your home is sure to stand out from the other area listings.

New and Exciting Color Options

As more people look to their homes as a refuge from their hectic lives, bathrooms are at the forefront in a new way. As people house hunt, they’re mainly focused on bathrooms and kitchens in potential homes. If it’s been a while since your bathroom’s been updated, it’s worth the time and expense to have it professionally painted. It’s the perfect way to create a style profile for your home that not only makes it a more popular choice but also increases the resale value. With today’s current real estate market the way it is, having a top-notch bathroom color coordinated with all the best fixtures is key.

Some of the latest trendy color choices for bathrooms go well beyond white and neutrals. Deeper colors, like eggplant and hunter green, are popping up more often. As are metallic paints and decorative painting effects. The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to today’s interior painting options for home bathrooms.

Painted Cabinetry

Replacing all of your cabinets in your bathroom is a massive undertaking. If you don’t want to go to the trouble and expense of doing that, you can paint the cabinetry. This will provide an updated look that makes the cabinets seem new. Don’t discount how effective this design trick can be. By using a complementary color that gives the room a visual pop, your bathroom will appear more modern and polished.

Old cabinetry can easily drag down the entire look and feel of a bathroom. You don’t want potential buyers to pass on your home due to dated cabinets that they fear they’ll have to replace. Your renovation should give buyers a feeling that there’s nothing they’ll need to do when they move into the home. Providing a turnkey experience will launch your home to the top of the list while increasing the resale value of your property. Even adding color trim to an existing wood cabinet can help to improve the overall look of your bathroom. Take some time to consider the many ways to update and improve your without having to replace them completely. You’ll be very glad you did when the effort gets you a higher price.

Our interior painting services can help you get the best price for your home at sale. Contact Top Tier Painting Inc. today for a consultation to review all the ways a new paint job can increase your resale value. Bathrooms and kitchens are two rooms in your house that many buyers consider the most. If yours needs some sprucing up, we’re the team to call! Let us help you present your home in the most advantageous way possible. And if you’re planning to stay in your home for the foreseeable future, we can help you create a home that will provide joy for your entire family for many years to come. Schedule your introductory consultation today. We look forward to working with you!