8 Factors That Could Lead to You Needing a New Paint Job

There comes a time when every homeowner needs to call professional painting services to maintain their homes’ attractiveness and improve their overall style. That said, there are many factors that may dictate when you call these experts. For example, your paint may wear away at varying speeds and need more or less frequent updates as a result. Thankfully, we’re here to help you examine several different issues that might affect how regularly you update your home’s paint.

1. Sun-Related Damage Problems

The sun is a beautiful thing that literally provides our planet with life. However, its powerful UV rays can be a real issue because they can damage not only your skin but your home’s paint as well. After all, you’re likely to get a lot of sunlight throughout the year, meaning that your house’s paint is exposed to those rays for much of its existence.

This issue is likely to be even worse in warm-weather regions that get a lot of sun. Thankfully, applying paint sealants and other protective items may provide some resistance against these issues. However, it’s not going to prevent all sun damage, so make sure that you work with a painting team to understand a typical painting schedule for your home.

2. Winter-Weather Storms

Do you live in a region with a lot of winter weather? While snow can be beautiful, this kind of brutal cold isn’t easy on your paint. For example, people in northern regions may find paint damage after a brutal freeze and need to upgrade their home’s style more often. That’s an issue that might be hard for some to avoid, unfortunately.

While adding protective sealants and other types of items may help to protect against some winter weather, the heavy winds, sleet, and ice throughout this season will naturally wear your paint down more quickly. Thankfully, you can work with painting professionals to minimize this problem and get the high-quality support that you need to keep your paint strong.

3. Tornado or Hurricane Damage

Do you live in an area that’s prone to severe tornados and hurricane damage? You’ll likely have to consider updating your paint more often than other people due to these storms. That’s because a serious storm might damage your paint by stripping it away in heavy wind and rain. If you don’t fix your paint after a storm, you risk damaging your home’s materials.

In this situation, you’ll need to work with professional painting services to get the support that you need for your home’s paint. Don’t hesitate to work with other professionals who can help with upgrading and renovating your house after a storm. Your paint is critical, but the structure of your home needs to be properly managed as well to keep it strong.

4. Trees Falling Down

As you might imagine, a tree falling down and hitting your house might accelerate your painting schedule. After all, the damage caused by a falling tree will severely affect your paint’s quality and force you to paint sooner. Even a smaller branch or limb can cause some serious damage that may impact your paint and require you to update your home more frequently.

Naturally, a tree or branch falling might cause even more severe damage to your home that may require more attention from other types of professionals. Make sure that you reach out to any extra professionals to get the help that you need. Painting teams should obviously be on your list, and some might work directly with various contractors to provide high-quality results.

5. Pollution in Your Area

Pollution is an unfortunate part of modern life that causes a lot of serious issues. Some of these problems are not fully understood by the general public, especially the damage that air pollution may cause to your home’s paint. If you live in a rural area with a lot of airborne pollution, you might find yourself having to update your paint more often to keep it safe.

As a result, it’s important to talk with your paint team to make sure that you’re taking your area’s pollution into consideration when painting your home. When pollution levels get particularly high (pay attention to your area’s news updates to learn more about this potential issue), you might need to contact painting teams to improve your paint’s overall look.

6. Your Kids’ Behavior

Kids are wonderful but can be a handful and tough on a house. For example, people with kids typically need to plan to update their paint more frequently due to their child’s behavior. That might seem a bit unlikely but just think of a busy kid playing outside, trudging into a home, or even doing things like throwing a ball against the side of your house and potentially damaging the paint.

Typically, this problem is more common in the interior of a home, where your kids might spread dirt, debris, and other types of waste through the home. They might even kick the walls (accidentally, of course) and cause damage to the paint. Make sure that you pay close attention to this issue and talk with your kids about this issue to try to keep them from causing this paint damage.

7. Changes In Style

Over the years, it’s natural for styles to come and go throughout the paint market. Should you try to “keep up with the Joneses” and do whatever your neighbors do? Not necessarily because they might choose color schemes that are unattractive or unlikeable. Instead, try to focus on stylistic improvements that fit a neighborhood and appeal to your family.

This high increase in stylistic upgrades explains the major expansions the global painting industry has seen lately. According to Statista, the 2029 worldwide paint and coating market should be worth more than $235 billion. That means it should be easy for you to find someone who can upgrade your home to meet the latest and greatest style upgrades of the day.

8. Boredom and Style Fatigue

Look, we understand how you could get bored of your home: it’s something that happens to just about everyone at some point. Instead of selling your house and moving to a new one, why not try upgrading its paint instead? This step is a wise decision that can cut back on unnecessary expenses and ensure that you have the beautiful style that you deserve for your living needs.

For example, you can add an all-new paint color that brings a new feel or style to your home. Furthermore, you can change up things like your home’s trim, roofing style, and much more to match your paint and make it more attractive. It’s okay to get bored with your home and fatigued with its style, but make the smart choice and call a paint expert to ensure you choose wisely. Just as importantly, it can ensure that you feel more comfortable with your home if you don’t plan on selling it.

These varying factors are just a few of the different issues that might affect how often you call professional painting services for your home. While they mostly affect the outside of your home, many could even impact your interior and require a slightly different painting approach. As a result, it’s important to contact us at Top Tier Painting Inc. when you need help with your home’s renovation. Our team will help you choose colors that make sense and apply them evenly to produce fantastic results.