Timeless Interior Painting Ideas to Try

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Your interior paint can either add to the beauty and style of your home or it can deter from it. If your paint is not adding much to the overall aesthetic of your space, it may be time to hire interior painters to update your walls. Painting the interior of your home can result in a 107% return on investment. Here are a few timeless interior painting ideas that you may want to try or incorporate into your space.

Use Light Colors to Open Up Small Spaces

One of the most timeless interior painting ideas that you should try is to use light paint colors to open up small or dark spaces. Light paint colors can make small or cramped spaces seem larger than they really are. Light colors can also help spaces that do not have a lot of natural light appear brighter and airy. Light paint colors trick the eye into making a space seem lighter and brighter, making this the perfect option for closets, bathrooms, basements, or small rooms.

Paint Stripes

Another timeless interior painting idea that you may want to consider trying is to paint stripes. Vertical stripes can help to elongate a room with short ceilings, while horizontal stripes can help to lengthen a room that is not very wide. Painting stripes is tricky, so it is best to hire interior painters to ensure the stripes are straight, even, and clean.

Add Color to Your Ceiling

The final timeless interior painting idea to try is to add color to your ceiling. A bright or bold color can add a dramatic space to a room, while a light color may help to elongate a room with low ceilings. If you paint your ceilings, you should ensure your wall colors are neutral to avoid adding too much color to a space.

Interior paint has a huge effect on the overall look and feel of your space. Certain paint colors and techniques can also impact your mood and the way that your eyes view the space. If you are looking to alter a space, enhance a space, or make a space have a completely different feel, selecting the right color of paint, painting stripes in your space, or adding color to the ceiling may help to change the entire look and feel of your home. Our interior painters can help you find the techniques and colors that will help you to best alter your space.

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